The Advent and Growth of Canadian Web Hosting for Business

The Advent and Growth of Canadian Web Hosting for Business

Are you wondering if a Canadian web hosting company can lend you a hand of help? Or, are you looking for reasons to hire a Canadian web hosting company for your business? To begin with, you have an obvious reason – You are from Canada and you wish to contribute to its digital economy. By availing services from a Canadian web hosting company, you will contribute to the local economy and your business. In addition to economic reasons, local web hosting services can offer faster websites and reduce latency.

These are two common reasons to use website hosting in Canada for your business. This article focuses on few other pronounced reasons to use a Canadian web hosting provider.

Improved SEO


First of all, a Canadian web hosting company can affect your search result rankings (both positive and negative). Google has algorithms that assume your IP Address. It believes that “.ca” is your top-level domain. Google uses your top-level domain to identify places your business will be relevant. When your domain is “.ca” the search engine believes that you are based and important in Canada. Soon, search engines will list your business during local queries. It can divert 43 to 50 percent of traffic to your website. In the long run, your business will see better returns.

No More DMCA Worries

A lot of Canadian businesses choose local web hosts due to DMCA. Over the years, many FBI agents have seized servers and raided data centers. Centers and servers with critical information are at risk. If the FBI marks a data center or server, it must shut down. When you use Canadian web hosting companies, you don’t need to worry about these shutdowns. Your website will be protected all the time.


Green Web Hosting in Canada by Thought Media

Another reason behind the fame of Canadian web hosts is “Price”. Most of the time, companies choose web hosts based on their rates. Canadians pick services from the United States due to its cost. With the advent of OVH and PEER1, data centers and servers have increased drastically. This has brought down the cost of web hosting services in Canada. Additionally, web hosting companies in Canada come with a range of tax benefits.

Contribute to Green Services

Last but certainly not least, Canadian web hosts for small business are “green”. Canada ranks #3 in the production of “Hydroelectricity”. This means you can choose from a wide range of green services in Canada. Most of these services are categorized as “Entry Level” and “Pro” hosting plans. You can upgrade from “entry” to “pro” plans in no-time. In fact many of our web hosting solutions run on energy efficient wind and solar! To learn more about how we can provide clean energy, sustainable website hosting in Canada for your business, give us a call! 1 (800) 357-8522 or Contact Us!

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