What Does Net Neutrality Mean for Canada?

What Does Net Neutrality Mean for Canada?


A Quick Walkthrough Net Neutrality in Canada

net-neutrality-canada-what-does-it-meanIn the year 2015, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) declared plans to abandon net neutrality regulations. The commission had plans of offering open and free internet to everyone. This is a strategic move that can throttle and break thousands of websites. It gives US telecommunication and cable companies the freedom to block websites that can destroy their services. Laura Tribe of Open Media claims that sweeping away net neutrality regulations can benefit few giants and become a challenge for thousands of companies.

On the other hand, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) believes that net neutrality can be used to improve its net neutrality efforts. It has strengthened its focus and commitment towards net neutrality. Experts claim that net neutrality Canada is a smart move. It is a promising decision from the United States and it must migrate to other nations like Canada.

But, does Canada and the United States need net neutrality? Should telecommunication companies be concerned about this move? Keep reading to know more!

What is Net Neutrality?

By definition, net neutrality focuses on web content. It enlightens internet service providers to treat and use content equally. When internet service providers produce and own online content, it may not favor the common man. This is why content should not be blocked. Some internet service providers block content to offer faster and competent video content. This is an inappropriate move. With Canada net neutrality rules, internet service providers will be regulated. Companies like Netflix and Google don’t have to be worried about the power of ISPs.

Undeniably, net neutrality defines the future of the internet. This is what great leaders like Barack Obama believe in.


What does the Policy Say?

The Canada Net Neutrality policy declares that phone and cable companies should not be able to manipulate online content or traffic. They must not be allowed to block or reduce the speed of content from their rivals.

Why are companies against Net Neutrality?

A group of people is not prepared for net neutrality. The FCC strongly opposes net neutrality rules. The FCC claims that banning net neutrality would give the internet service providers more space. It will make the ISPs more transparent. This way we can keep track of its management policies and services. This could however require an increase in pricing on services offered by companies, and the overall cost of internet via ISPs. Of course, customers would not be very pleased about this, and many companies have also expressed concern.

Net Neutrality Canada

Regardless of FCC’s requests, the CRTC is ready to strengthen its efforts towards net neutrality. It wants all internet service providers to handle consumers and data equally.


Our pricing model should not be effected by any foreseeable regulation, however this is something we will continue to report on as time progresses. We encourage any customers that have questions about Net Neutrality in Canada to email us at [email protected]

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